Are All Toilets Interchangeable?

Why would I want an elongated toilet bowl?

Most people find elongated toilet bowls to be more comfortable, but in a small bathroom, a round bowl can save space.

Elongated toilet bowls measure up to 31″ from the wall, while round fixtures max out at 28″.

Because round bowls are less expensive than elongated bowls, they save a few dollars, too..

Have to jiggle toilet handle to stop running?

If your toilet keeps running and running it’s probably because the flapper has worn out. … You may need to replace the flapper. Another reason your toilet might be running is your chain may need to be adjusted. Jiggling the handle helps shake out the chain that connects the handle to the flapper valve.

Do all toilets fit the same?

Most toilets will have a 12 inch rough-in. … If you’re replacing an existing toilet, look for a replacement toilet with the same rough-in. A toilet with a larger rough-in measurement will require you to change your plumbing configuration or move the wall to get the toilet to fit.

Does Walmart sell toilet handles?

Nuflush White Toilet Handle For Side of Toilet Tank – –

How do I know if a new toilet will fit?

It’s a good idea to measure from the bowl to a sidewall just to be sure that the toilet will fit in your space. Choose the shape of your toilet bowl. Usually, toilet bowls are elongated for comfort, but if you have a smaller space you might need a round bowl.

Do toilet seats fit all toilets?

No, not all toilet seats fit the same because toilets come in a variety of different shapes, so you’ll need to check yours before buying. … Most toilet seats are an oval shape, although some may be more of a contemporary square or D-shape.

Does Walmart sell toilet flappers?

501 Universal Solid Frame 2″ Toilet Flapper – –

How do you fix a toilet handle that won’t come back?

How to Repair a Stuck Handle on a ToiletRemove the lid from the tank.Unhook the chain from the handle arm.Unscrew the nut inside the tank that holds the handle mechanism.Pull the handle mechanism out of the tank.Unscrew the handle from the handle mechanism and replace it, or replace the entire handle mechanism.More items…

How do I know what toilet seat will fit my toilet?

Measure the length of the bowl from between the seat bolts to the outside edge of the front of the bowl. If you have a round bowl, this dimension should be about 16.5 inches. If you have an elongated bowl, the measurement should be around 18 to 18.5 inches.

Can I replace a toilet myself?

Replacing or installing a new toilet isn’t as hard as it may sound. All you really need are a few hours of time and the right tools for the job. So, gather up your new toilet, replacement wax ring, rubber gloves, hacksaw, a putty knife, adjustable wrenches, plunger, a bucket and some old rags.

How much is a new toilet handle?

The replacement part you need is called a “toilet trip lever” and it includes the handle and swing arm. They retail for under $20, but models for high-end toilets may cost $50 to $100.

How much does Home Depot charge to install a toilet?

How much does Home Depot charge for toilet installation? Home Depot does not hire installers; they subcontract installation to local plumbers and electricians, but they advertise on their site that toilet installation costs $269.

Why is my toilet handle loose?

Turn off the water shut-off valve for your toilet and press the lever to empty the tank. Removing all the water in the tank will allow you to tighten the handle from the inside properly. The shut-off valve is usually located on the base of your toilet, near the back. … This nut is probably the cause of your loose handle.

Are all toilet handles universal?

A broken toilet handle or lever is a fairly common plumbing problem. … There are also universal handles that will fit almost any toilet, no matter what type of toilet tank lever you currently have. With universal toilet handles, there are sometimes adjustments that have to be done to the handle to make them fit.

Are toilet drains universal?

The standard size for a toilet drain pipe is 3 inches in diameter, but drains up to 4 inches in diameter are sometimes used. Typically, 3-inch pipes carry the water to the toilet, but a 4-inch pipe may be used to move wastewater out of a house to a sewer or septic tank.

Which toilet seat is better plastic or wood?

Plastic seats tend to be lighter and have a longer lifespan, while wooden seats are sturdy and heavier. Many people also think wooden toilet seats add a touch of luxury to the bathroom.

Do you need a plumber to install a new toilet?

Our research team found that a plumber usually requires an hour or two to install a toilet. The process generally includes: … Draining the old toilet, removing it and inspecting the flange — which connects the toilet to the drainpipe on the floor — to see whether repairs are needed.

Should you caulk around a toilet?

Caulk helps to keep the toilet secured to the floor. The bolts are really supposed to keep the toilet secure, but caulk helps. … Some people prefer to caulk all around the toilet and leave about a one-inch gap in the caulk at the back of the toilet to allow water to escape out in the event of a leak.

What toilet is best for not clogging?

WoodBridge T-0001 One Piece: Non Clogging Toilet with Dual Flush. One more top brand among producing toilets that don’t clog is WoodBridge. Their model T-0001 One Piece is a rather compact toilet suitable for small bathrooms where every inch counts.

When should I buy a new toilet?

5 Signs You Need A New ToiletThere are cracks in your tank. If you frequently see a puddle of water around your toilet, this could be more than a simple leak: You could have cracks in your tank, and the toilet may need to be replaced. … You have an old toilet. … You feel it wobble. … You’ve had to fix it often. … You have a round bowl.

Does Walmart sell plumbing supplies?

Plumbing Pipe & Tubing Plumbing Parts and Repairs.

Can an elongated toilet replace a round toilet?

An elongated toilet seat will technically fit on a round toilet, but the fit and comfort may be compromised. An elongated toilet seat will likely overhang a round toilet which may be fine unless the rim of the toilet is visible within the opening of the toilet seat.

What size pipe is required for a toilet?

3 inchesAnd toilet requires a drain pipe of 3 inches in diameter, unless two toilets are on the same drain and then it must be a 4-inch plumbing waste pipe. Add the number of units together to get the total number of units for discharge into the DWV system compared with the minimum pipe diameter for specific fixtures.