How Many Times Can You Resubmit An NIH Grant?

What is a non competing continuation?

What is a Non-Competing Continuation (NCC).

An award made for additional funding/budget period wihtin a previously approved project period, through a non-competing process..

Does NSF fund medical research?

As described in our strategic plan, NSF is the only federal agency whose mission includes support for all fields of fundamental science and engineering, except for medical sciences.

Is NSF part of NIH?

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent agency of the United States government, that supports fundamental research and education in all the non-medical fields of science and engineering. Its medical counterpart is the National Institutes of Health.

How do I get NIH funding?

Plan Your ApplicationUnderstand the NIH.Use RePORTER To Help Identify Where Your Research Fits.Contact NIH Staff.Find a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)Determine Application Submission Date.Plan Within Your Organization.Obtain Any Prior Approvals From the NIH.Get To Know the NIH Peer Review Process & Criteria.More items…•

How many times can an NIH grant be submitted?

While NIH no longer limits the number of times you can resubmit an application with essentially the same content and scope as an earlier application, it is not allowable to have overlapping applications under review at the same time. (NOT-OD-14-074 includes detailed guidance about resubmissions.)

Is a cover letter required for NIH resubmission?

Although a Cover Letter is not required unless specifically stated in the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), it is highly recommended that a Cover Letter be submitted with the grant application. Only NIH staff with a need-to-know are provided access to the Cover Letter.

Can I submit the same proposal to NSF and NIH?

Can the same proposal submitted to NSF be submitted to other agencies for simultaneous review? Generally, proposals may be submitted to other agencies for simultaneous review.

What is an NIH revision application?

A competing revision is a request for an increase in support in a current budget period for expansion of the project’s approved scope or research protocol. Applicants must apply and undergo peer review.

How do I submit submission materials to NIH?

How Do I Submit Post-Submission Materials for My Application?Prepare your materials. Follow standard Format Attachment guidelines, including PDF format, font size, margin, and paper size requirements. … Obtain AOR concurrence. … Send materials to NIH. … Verify Additions Received.