Question: What Does In Keeping With Mean?

What does out of keeping mean?

: not agreeing with or sharing important qualities with (something) Her comments revealed a nervousness that seemed out of keeping with her calm appearance..

What does have a deal with mean?

1 : to be about (something) : to have (something) as a subject Her speech dealt with health care and the nation’s economy. The film deals with some serious issues. 2 : to make business agreements with (someone) He deals fairly with all his customers. Their salespeople are very easy to deal with.

What is in lieu mean?

in lieu. : instead. in lieu of. : in the place of : instead of.

What is another word for Lieu?

In this page you can discover 5 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for lieu, like: place, instead, substitute, stead and position.

Is in keeping with synonym?

in keeping within accordance with. phr. & line with. phr. & per. phr. & harmony with. phr. & idi.consistent with. phr. & prep.according to. phr. & consonance with. phr. & prep.pursuant to. phr. & prep.More items…

What is paid in lieu mean?

If a notice period such as one month is required for an employer to terminate a contract, a ‘payment in lieu of notice’ is immediate compensation at an amount equal to that an employee would have earned as salary or wages by working through the whole notice period: for example, one month’s salary. …

Is in line with synonym?

What is another word for in line with?followinghonoringUSin compliance within conformity withpursuant toconforming toin congruence within fulfilment ofin assent within consonance with29 more rows

What does the phrase in keeping with mean?

: agreeing with or sharing important qualities with (something) The decorations in the house are in (perfect) keeping with her personality.

What does befitting mean?

adjective. suitable; proper; becoming: planned with a befitting sense of majesty.

What means prior to?

prior to, preceding; before: Prior to that time, buffalo had roamed the Great Plains in tremendous numbers.

What does in accord with mean?

: in complete agreement with (someone or something) His ideas were completely/fully in accord with mine.

What does in lieu mean at work?

One way of ensuring staff who work overtime are fairly compensated, without putting the company under financial strain, is to offer time off in lieu, or TOIL. ‘In lieu’ means ‘instead of’. It refers to paid time off ‘instead of’ additional pay for hours worked over what is in an employee’s contract.

What is another word for consistent?

SYNONYMS FOR consistent 1 congruous, consonant, harmonious, conformable.

Is in line with meaning?

in line with (someone or something) In agreement or accordance with someone or something; consistent with someone or something.