Question: What Is The Adverb Of Cheer?

What is the adverb of willing?

Word family (noun) willingness ≠ unwillingness (adjective) willing ≠ unwilling (adverb) willingly ≠ unwillingly..

What is the verb of cheer?

1[intransitive, transitive] to shout loudly, to show support or praise for someone, or to give them encouragement We all cheered as the team came on to the field. Cheering crowds greeted their arrival. cheer somebody The crowd cheered the President as he drove slowly by.

What is the noun form of cheer?

cheer. noun. noun. /tʃɪr/ 1[countable] a shout of joy, support, or praise A great cheer went up from the crowd.

What does mean willing?

1 : inclined or favorably disposed in mind : ready willing and eager to help. 2 : prompt to act or respond lending a willing hand. 3 : done, borne, or accepted by choice or without reluctance a willing sacrifice. 4 : of or relating to the will or power of choosing : volitional.

What is the adjective of cheer?

adjective. /ˈtʃɪərɪŋ/ /ˈtʃɪrɪŋ/ ​giving hope or comfort.

What is the adverb of merrily?

adverb. adverb. /ˈmɛrəli/ 1in a happy, cheerful way They chatted merrily.

What type of word is able?

adjective, a·bler, a·blest. having necessary power, skill, resources, or qualifications; qualified: able to lift a two-hundred-pound weight; able to write music; able to travel widely; able to vote.

What does wiling mean?

1 : a trick or stratagem intended to ensnare or deceive also : a beguiling or playful trick. 2 : skill in outwitting : trickery, guile. wile. verb. wiled; wiling.

Is Cheerer a word?

noun. 1A person who or thing which brings gladness, comfort, or solace. 2A person who shouts cheers of encouragement or acclamation.

Is Uncheered a word?

Uncheered definitions Not cheered; left unhappy or desolate.

Is Cheered an adverb?

In a way that cheers; hearteningly, encouragingly. With cheering.