Quick Answer: What Is A Antonym For Frightened?

What is a another word for SAD?

SYNONYMS FOR sad 1 unhappy, despondent, disconsolate, discouraged, gloomy, downcast, downhearted, depressed, dejected, melancholy..

What is the opposite of no one?

no one(pronoun) Antonyms: everyone.

What are synonyms frightened?

Synonyms forafraid.anxious.fearful.panicky.startled.abashed.frozen.petrified.

How do you describe a frightened person?

Here are 20 ways of expressing fear:afraid of your own shadow – nervous/timid/easily frightened. … shaking like a leaf – to tremble with fear. … quaking in your boots – trembling with fear. … heebie jeebies – a state of fear/discomfort/nervousness. … scared out of one’s wits – extremely frightened.More items…•

What does the word sensible mean?

adjective. having or showing good sense or judgmenta sensible decision. (of clothing) serviceable; practicalsensible shoes. having the capacity for sensation; sensitive. capable of being apprehended by the senses.

What is the opposite word of come?

What is the opposite of come?leavedepartabandondesertescapeforsakequitdisappear fromwithdraw frompart8 more rows

What is the opposite of enemy?

Antonym of EnemyWordAntonymEnemyAlly, FriendGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the synonym and antonym of frightened?

frightened. Synonyms: afraid, cowardly, cringing, faint-hearted, fearful, pusillanimous, shrinking, timid, timorous. Antonyms: adventurous, bold, brave, chivalric, chivalrous, courageous, daring, dauntless, doughty, fearless, gallant, heroic, intrepid, undaunted, undismayed, valiant, venturesome.

What is opposite word of foolish?

nonsensical, idiotic: logical, responsible, balanced, unfoolish, smart, wise, circumspect, reasonable, prudent, careful, plain, cautious, sensible, sound, thoughtful, serious, rational, sane, practical, realistic.

What is another word for bored?

SYNONYMS FOR boring dull, tiresome, tedious.

What do you call a person who is easily frightened?

Cowardly (adj.) While fearful might be used more to describe someone in a certain situation, cowardly would be more of a character trait–someone who is always easily scared.

What means foolish?

Foolish, fatuous, silly, inane, stupid, asinine imply weakness of intellect and lack of judgment. Foolish implies lack of common sense or good judgment or, sometimes, weakness of mind: a foolish decision; The child seems foolish.

What is the opposite of frightened?

Antonyms for frightened calm, cool, courageous, bold, comforted, happy, brave, unafraid.

What is the antonym of afraid?

undismayed, ready, gutsy, fearless, daredevil, venturesome, dashing, venturous, undaunted, stouthearted, brave, stalwart, inclined, eager, dauntless, daring, assured, adventuresome, spirited, happy, gallant, unconcerned, valorous, resolute, plucky, hardy, calm, cool, unperturbed, manful, sure, unworried, valiant, …

What is the opposite word of friend?

confidant, companion: opponent, stranger, foe, antagonist, detractor, enemy.

What is the most frightening word?

What is another word for most frightening?scariesteeriestmost appallingmost dauntingmost formidablemost fearsomemost direfulmost dreadfulmost forbiddingmost frightful233 more rows

What is another word for friend?

Synonyms foracquaintance.associate.buddy.colleague.companion.cousin.partner.roommate.

What does synonym mean?

noun. a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another in the language, as happy, joyful, elated. A dictionary of synonyms and antonyms (or opposites), such as Thesaurus.com, is called a thesaurus.