Quick Answer: What Is The Difference Between A Commonwealth Seniors Health Card And A Health Care Card?

How do you qualify for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card?

You can get a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card if you meet certain criteria….You must:be Age Pension age.meet residence rules.not be getting a payment from us or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.give us a Tax File Number or be exempt from doing so.meet identity requirements.meet the income test..

Is a concession card and health care card the same?

Types of concession cards The concession cards that are issued by the Commonwealth Government include: the Pensioner Concession Card (for all pensioners and certain social security allowance recipients under specific conditions); the Health Care Card (generally for social security allowees and low paid workers); and.

Is the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card income test?

You must meet an income test to get a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card. We review this test on 20 September each year in line with the Consumer Price Index. The income test will look at both your: adjusted taxable income.

What are seniors entitled to?

Introduced by the NSW Government in 1992, the Seniors Card offers NSW permanent residents who are 60 or older (and meet certain criteria) discounts on goods and services, cheaper public transport, holidays and in some cases, cheaper utilities.

What does a Commonwealth Health Care Card entitle you to?

With a CSHC you may get benefits such as: cheaper medicine under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. bulk billed doctor visits – this is up to your doctor. a refund for medical costs when you reach the Medicare Safety Net.

Are self funded retirees entitled to a healthcare card?

If you’re a self-funded retiree, you may be eligible for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card and related payments and services. Other payments include: Carer Payment or Carer Allowance if you’re caring for someone with severe disability, illness or is frail aged.