Quick Answer: What’S The Meaning Of Stimulating?

What is an example of stimulation?

Stimulate definitions To stimulate is to excite, to invigorate or to spark someone’s interest.

An example of stimulate is when you spark the growth of a plant by giving it plant food.

An example of stimulate is when a drug gets you going and makes you more hyper..

What does stimulating my mind mean?

He has to stimulate—turn it on, bring it to life, perk it up. … You can stimulate practically anything: a person, a conversation, a mind, or even the growth of a plant. Stimulate is often used to describe a physical or sexual sensation, but don’t get bogged down in that kind of thinking.

Why is stimulation important?

Stimulation during the first three years of a child’s life help to prevent changes to the brain structure and neurological pathways caused by stressful situations. … Stimulation through play, helps your baby use his/her body and senses and develops their thinking and intelligence.

What is a sensation?

1a : a mental process (such as seeing, hearing, or smelling) resulting from the immediate external stimulation of a sense organ often as distinguished from a conscious awareness of the sensory process — compare perception. b : awareness (as of heat or pain) due to stimulation of a sense organ.

How do you energize?

10 Ways to Stay Energized Throughout the DayLet in the Sunlight.Start the Day with Protein.Exercise Outside.Limit Caffeine.Stay Hydrated.Try a Power Nap.Take a Multivitamin.Avoid Smoking.More items…•

Is energized a feeling?

To energize someone means to give them the enthusiasm and determination to do something. He helped energize and mobilize millions of people around the nation. I am completely energized and feeling terrific.

What does it mean when a person is stimulating?

A stimulating person makes you feel enthusiastic and full of ideas: a really stimulating teacher. If an activity is stimulating, it causes your body to be active: Aerobics is one of the most stimulating forms of exercise.

What energize mean?

verb (used with object), en·er·gized, en·er·giz·ing. to give energy to; rouse into activity: to energize the spirit with brave words. to supply electrical current to or store electrical energy in.

What is a stimulating effect?

1 inspiring new ideas or enthusiasm. 2 (of a physical activity) making one feel refreshed and energetic.

What is another word for stimulating?

SYNONYMS FOR stimulate ON THESAURUS.COM 1 arouse, activate, excite.

What is a need for stimulation?

The brain regulates our responses to stimulation, and needs to be engaged in order to function well. Optimal arousal enables brains to be alert, receptive, and ready to attend and learn. … They are motivated by their search for optimal stimulation, rather than by what others label as important.

Is it energize or Energise?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Technologyen‧er‧gize (also energise British English) /ˈenədʒaɪz $ -ər-/ verb [transitive] 1 to make someone feel more determined and energetic The charity hopes the campaign will energise its volunteers.